The Kind Pen "Essential" Vaporizer Kit

  • $128.99

The "Essential" Vaporizer Kit is by far one of the most sleek and innovative vape kits in the industry. It has dual vape pens contained within a charging case. The charging case slides open horizontally, to reveal the OLED display and 2 contained pens. Not only are these pens stored within the case, but they also charge while inside. The OLED display will show the battery life of the charging case. On the side of the case, there are 3 light indicators. One indicates when the charging case is charged, while the other two are indicators for the e-cig charge. In between the power box and e-cig indicators is a micro USB port. Utilize the included micro USB charger for charging up the power box. Remember, the dual e-cigarettes will be charging as they are stored in the box. Even after you disconnect the power box from being charged, it will use its battery life to charge the other two e-cigs. Ahh, the luxury of a self-charging 1100mAh case! With auto-draw technology, these vape pens provide an effortless inhale. But apart from its superior technology, The Kind Pen has also included a lifetime warranty with this vape kit. Use the enclosed warranty card to redeem your warranty via The Kind Pen's website.


  • The Kind Pen E-Liquid Vaporizer
  • Tank Color Comes Random
  • Direct Draw Vaporizer
  • Analog Vaporizer
  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Vape Pen
  • Fixed Temperature
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