Smokin' Buddies "The Swisscycler" Honeycomb to Swiss Perc Recycler

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This honeycomb perc to Swiss perc recycler dab rig combines new and old school function to give you incredibly smooth rips of dry herbs or concentrates. This rig is a blend of extreme function and design and will instantly become your new favorite piece. This scientific dab rig features a small base chamber that sits below the honeycomb perc to collect your smoke before passing up through the honeycomb perc for diffusion. After your smoke and water pass through the small holes of the honeycomb perc it is pushed through the Swiss perc chamber for another round of filtration before being recycled back down and back up through the pipe for continuous looping of filtration. Your vapor and water move around the Swiss perc holes for even more diffusion, all of this motion and diffusion amounts to an extremely pleasant smoking experience. Once cooled down the smoke exits the piece through the bent neck which helps to prevent any splash back. The process of "recycling" puts your smoke in contact with more water which helps to cool it down so it's easier on your lungs and provides better flavor. This oil rig features a 14mm male joint and includes a glass dome and nail.


  • Smokin' Buddies Recycler Rig
  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece
  • Honeycomb To Swiss Perc
  • 10" Inches Tall
  • Bent Neck
  • Clear Glass
  • Dewar's Joint
  • 90° Joint
  • Male Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • Swiss Perc
  • Thick Glass
  • Scientific Glass
The Smokin' Buddies "The Swisscycler" Honeycomb to Swiss Perc Recycler destined to impress, and priced at only $139.00, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 24, 2024