RYOT Acrylic Taster Box

  • $48.99

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What we have here is the infamous Taster Box by RYOT. Made from acrylic, this dugout box is equipped with two storage compartments. One compartment is used for storing a one hitter, while the other is for storage of dry herbs. To access either compartment, just swivel the magnetic lid. Swiveling the lid clockwise will reveal the one hitter slot, while swiveling it counterclockwise reveals the dry herbs compartment. This dugout works great for holding your bat and herbs, however, it can do even more! Hidden within the underside of the taster box, you will find a metal poker tucked away in a slot; it is magnetically secured. To use the poker, remove it from the slot by pulling its rounded end. This Acrylic Taster Box is offered in a Large and Small size. The large size can fit taster bats 3.75" long, and the small size fits those 2.75" long. These acrylic dugouts also come in different colors: purple, yellow, green, blue, white, and charcoal. All colors have a black streaked pattern, excluding the charcoal color, which has a red streaked pattern and the all clear one. The small size is 3" long while the large is 4" long.


Height: 4 inches
  • RYOT Container
  • 2 Storage Compartments
  • Acrylic Dugout By RYOT
  • Choose Color And Size
  • Durable Construction
  • Large: Fits Bats Under 3.75"
  • Magnetic Poker
  • One Hitter NOT Included
  • RYOT Logo Decal
  • Small: Fits Bats Under 2.75"
  • Stores One Hitter And Dry Herbs
  • Swivel Top: Magnetic
The RYOT Acrylic Taster Box destined to impress, and priced at only $48.99, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 18, 2024