RYOT Acrylic Taster Bat w/ Digger Tip

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This acrylic taster bat, created by RYOT, is equipped with a jagged metal tip. This digger tip has been engineered in such a way that makes it easier to pack your one hitter. Rather than using your fingers to pack herbal material into your taster bat, this jagged tip allows you stick the bat directly into a pile of herbal material. The tip will grab onto your dry herbs or tobacco and keep your one hitter packed. One hitters have never been so effortless! These acrylic digger bats aren't just easy to pack, but they are incredibly easy to clean too. Unscrew the metal tip to reveal the internal airway. You will notice that this airway is made of metal for a longer lasting taster bat. These bats also have a durable acrylic exterior, furthering their longevity. These digger bats are perfect for traveling wherever you go. Whether you purchase the Small (2" length) or the Large (3" length), this one hitter will be pocket sized. Available in 7 Different Colors: Blue, Green, Black, White, Purple, Yellow and Charcoal.


  • RYOT Chillum
  • Acrylic Digger Bat By RYOT
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Great For Travel
  • Jagged Tip For Easy Packing
  • Metal Internal Airway
  • Offered In 7 Colors And 2 Sizes
  • Pairs W/ Acrylic Dugout
  • Un-Screwable Metal Tip
The RYOT Acrylic Taster Bat w/ Digger Tip is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2024