Grav Labs 16" Beaker Water Pipe with Removable Downstem

  • $164.95

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This 16" beaker water pipe from Grav Labs superbly combines form and function. Made from thick glass, this pipe has amazing durability and is built to last. This water pipe features a clear glass 18mm to 14mm showerhead downstem with your choice of a black accented base and mouthpiece or clear glass throughout. The beaker design combined with the removable showerhead perc downstem is not only easy to clean but also filters your smoke for smooth hits. The built-in ice catcher cools your smoke to a desirable temperature and acts as a splashguard, ensuring no water gets near your mouth. This water pipe features a randomly chosen decal down the front of the pipe. Included is a 14mm bowl. This water pipe is designed and distributed by Grav Labs in Austin, TX. Known for their consistent innovation and modest pricing, you can't go wrong with a beaker water pipe from Grav Labs.


Joint Size: 14mm female
Height: 16 inches
  • Grav Labs Water Pipe
  • 14mm Funnel Bowl Included
  • Black Lipped Mouthpiece
  • Colored Glass Accents On Lip And Base
  • Grav Labs Beaker Tube Water Pipe
  • Reinforced Joints
  • Scientific Clear Glass
  • Beaker
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Ice Catcher
  • 45° Joint
  • Female Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Removable Downstem
  • Scientific Glass
  • Thick Glass
The Grav Labs 16" Beaker Water Pipe with Removable Downstem is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 24, 2024