Smokin' Buddies Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler

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The uniqueness of this hand pipe is flabbergasting. With an entire worked glass head and trunk that acts as the neck, the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler is a piece of hart that just so happens to give you amazing rips! The themed glass head is complete with white tusks, big floppy ears, beady eyes, and wrinkles along its forehead and the bridge of its nose. The mouthpiece is located on the back of the elephant's skull. The bent neck of the hammer pipe is in the form of a trunk. The trunk is holding on to the rest of the bubbler. A deep bowl can be found on this side, giving you packs big enough to knock out an actual elephant. On the front of the bowl there is a red glass milli and three raised glass lines. These glass lines help with holding the pipe when in use. The glass milli has beautiful red petals inside. The color of this milli matches the ears of the elephant. A side carb hole, which allows you to control airflow, is located on the side of the bowl. Attached to the deep bowl is a fixed downstem. This downstem diffuses your smoke in a small amount of water, giving you tastier inhales. If you were worried about the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler falling over, know that the base of the elephant's skull and the bottom of the bowl is flat like the bottom of an elephant's foot. These flat feet act as stands, so your hammer pipe will be as sturdy as a fully grown, trunk blowing, ear flapping elephant is.


The Smokin' Buddies Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2024