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Empire Glassworks "Avenge The Arctic" UV Mini Beaker

  • $159.99

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Complete with a playful glass penguin, a fearsome yet lovable polar bear, and a curious orca whale chillin’ in their icy homeland, this thick glass mini rig has everything you need for a great smoke session. The Avenge the Arctic Mini Beaker is part of the latest lineup of unique glass mini rigs from Empire Glassworks, each one themed after the precious ecosystems that make our planet so special. These brand-new mini beakers are highlighted by extremely detailed artwork within the main chamber, expertly depicting and emphasizing the conservation of a specific endangered habitat. The Avenge the Arctic Mini Beaker captures the quickly evaporating water of the icy cold Arctic’s and its adorable, at-risk residents. The penguin, polar bear, and orca accents are each individually handmade from thick borosilicate glass and custom mixed colors. The sculpture inside the Avenge the Arctic Mini Beaker represents an iceberg and features a mix of colored borosilicate glass and UV reactive glass that shines bright under blacklight! The Arctic iceberg serves as a fixed diffuser downstem and uses holes at the bottom of the glass filter your smoke through water as you inhale.

The Empire Glassworks Avenge the Arctic Mini Rig has a thick, clear glass body that measures 6.5” inches tall. Matching white glass accents on the worked Maria rings, flared mouthpiece, and reinforced Dewar’s joint make this piece a true standout. The Avenge the Arctic Mini Beaker is equipped with a 14mm female joint on the front that sits at an upright 90-degree angle, making this bong perfect for dual compatible use. The reinforced Dewar's Joint helps to keep this part from snapping while being handled by some of your not so careful friends. Choose between a 14mm male banger nail for use with wax concentrates, swap it for a 14mm funnel bowl piece for use with dry herbs, or snag both! Bring a piece of the icy cold Arctic waters and their delightful inhabitants’ home today with the Empire Glassworks Avenge the Arctic Mini Rig.


  • Compatible with Dry Herbs and/or Wax 🌿🍯
  • Empire Glassworks Avenge the Arctic Mini Rig
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe
  • Penguin, Polar Bear & Orca Accents
  • Arctic Iceberg Themed Artwork
  • Handmade Animal Figurines
  • Fixed Diffuser Downstem
  • Worked Maria Rings
  • UV Reactive Glass
  • Reinforced Joint
  • 6.5” inches Tall
  • Ground Joint
  • Straight Neck
  • 90° Joint Angle
  • Banger Hanger
  • Blacklight Reactive
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Quartz Banger
  • Thick Glass Beaker Bong
  • Sturdy 3.5” inch Flared Base
  • Individually Handcrafted Artwork*
  • American Made Glass [Placentia, CA]
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Empire Glassworks "Avenge The Arctic" UV Mini Beaker is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 25, 2021